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Our Story

Happy Tailz Pet Spa began as a small endeavor more than 15 years ago in Wexford, PA, with a mission to offer unparalleled grooming services and pet care to the community. Founded by a team of passionate pet lovers and experienced groomers, we have grown into a beloved destination for pet owners seeking a trustworthy and caring environment for their pets’ grooming and wellness needs.

Connect with the heart behind Happy Tailz Pet Spa. We’re eager to meet you and your furry family member. Call us at (724) 759-7620 to learn more about our services and values or to book an appointment. Let’s create happy tailz together!

Commitment to Quality

Excellence in Grooming

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to the art and science of pet grooming. Our professional groomers are not only stylists but also caretakers who approach each pet with compassion and a gentle touch. Our team stays updated on the latest grooming techniques and animal care practices to ensure that every pet receives the best treatment possible. As certified pet aestheticians, we assess every pet and use the correct products for their skin and hair.

A Spa-Like Experience

Understanding that a visit to the groomer can be stressful for some pets, we have gone to great lengths to create a serene and spa-like atmosphere at our facility. We believe that grooming should be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and our environment is designed to calm even the most anxious pets. This thoughtful approach to our setting has made us a standout in the Wexford pet community.

Community and Education

More Than Just a Business

At Happy Tailz Pet Spa, we see ourselves as an integral part of the local community. We aim to educate pet owners on the importance of regular grooming for their pet’s health and are always eager to share our knowledge. Through community events, workshops, and one-on-one conversations, we build relationships that go beyond business.

Growing with Wexford

As we look back at over 15 years of service, we are grateful for the bonds we have formed with the pets and people of Wexford. We have grown alongside this community, adapting our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our commitment to the well-being of pets and the happiness of their owners continues to be the driving force behind everything we do.

At Happy Tailz Pet Spa, we are more than just a grooming service—we are your neighbors, friends, and partners in pet care. Join us as we continue to create happy tailz for many years to come.

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